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JJ moved to the Shores 56 years ago, across from La Jolla Shores market, and he and his family still proudly reside here. From the day the original Jeff’s opened in 1974, JJ grew up loving and eating there weekly with his family and friends.

Jeffrey moved to La Jolla Shores nearly 40 years ago. It reminded him of his beautiful native Cape Town, South Africa. Jeffrey also loved and frequented the original Jeff’s Burgers with family and friends.

Both Jeffs were super bummed about the closing of the Shores beloved Jeff’s Burgers a few years back. They are extremely excited and thrilled to carry on the Jeff’s Burgers tradition, but in their special way that only 2 La Jolla Shores boys can. 

Our goal is to provide incredible food, the warmest and most inviting service, with friendly and approachable pricing.  We hope you will love Jeffs’ Beach Burgers as much as the original! We proudly carry on the legacy of this amazing La Jolla Shores institution.

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